1939-1944: Treaties with UK, France and Nazis.

1945-1958: UN joined. US military aid. Operation Gladio. Troops in Korea. NATO joined. US forces stationed. Baghdad Pact. Syria threatened. Operation Cannon-Bone.

1960: Martial law. Army coup

1962: "Cuban Missile Crisis".

1964-1974: Conflict in Cyprus.

1971: US backed coup.

1975-1978: US arms embargo.

1978: IMF harm. Martial law. PKK.

1980: US backed coup. Repression.

1984 onwards: PKK attacks.

1987 onwards: Iraq Kurds attacked.

1990: US-led war in Iraq backed.

1994: Repression of Kurds. UK arms.

1997: Vast US military aid.

1999: PKK renounces armed struggle. UK shuts Kurdish TV.

2001: UK arms exports.

2003: Some support for Iraq war.