1918: Hutu-Tutsi division under Belgium.

post 1945: Independence denied.

1959: First pogrom against Tutsis.

1961-67: Belgium withdraw. Rwanda and Burundi separate. Hutu revolution. Massacre of Tutsis.

1973-1994: Discrimination against Tutsis. Belgian & French ties.

1990: Tutsi RPF invasion. France and Zaire assist government.

1990-91: More slaughter of Tutsis.

1991: Political reforms.

1993: Peace accord with RPF. Slaughter looms, UN does nothing.

1994: Rwanda & Burundi presidents killed. Genocide of Tutsis. UN prevaricates. RPF offensive halts genocide.

1996: Refugees forced to return.

1998: Congo rebels backed.

2001: Community courts.

2002: Peace deal with Congo.

2004: President Kagame accused.