1937: Somoza dictatorship begins.

1978: Opposition unites.

1978-1979: US tries to replace Somoza, but is against FSLN.

1979: Sandinistas take power.

1980: FSLN government nationalises Somoza land.

1981: US works to overthrow Sandinistas, with UK support.

1982-1987: CIA, NSC and US's Contra rebels' devastating war.

1984: US condemned by the World Court for mining harbours.

1986: US's Iran-Contra funding is revealed. World Court orders US to pay $17 billion to Nicaragua. The U.S. never pays.

1987: Peace agreement.

1988-1990: US aids opposition, gets Chamorro elected.

2001: IMF & World Bank ruination.

2002: USA resumes military aid.

2003: US free trade agreement.

2004: 80% of World Bank debt wiped.