1836-1854: Mexico loses more than half its territory to the US.

1861-1867: Intervention by Spain, Britain, France and US.

1910-1920: Mexican revolution.

1920-1934: Partial agrarian reforms. USA deports 2 million to Mexico.

1934-1940: Further reforms.

1942-1946: Mexico enters World War II. Mexican labourers enlisted by USA.

1968: Mexican military massacres civilians in Tlatelolco.

1983-1986: USA blocks attempts to remove foreign military bases from Mexico, Panama, Colombia and Venezuela.

USA ties Mexico with debts, becomes more involved in drug policing and restrict Mexican migrant labour.

1987: USA and Mexican officials are shown to be involved in the drugs trade.

1988-1994: After elections widely thought fraudulent, the Mexican government signs NAFTA. USA and the wealthy benefit. Economic crash.

1995: More borrowing from USA, IMF etc.

1996: Government rejects agreement with EZLN. Military action against Zapatistas continues.

2006-onwards: USA allows arms to flow to drug lords. USA heavily involved in drugs trade. USA involved in rigging election. Protests met with violence.