1944-1945: UK supports Dutch.

1946-1949: Struggles lead to independence.

1958: US supports rebels.

1960-1961: Soviet and US aid.

1962-1963: Clashes with Dutch and with Brunei and UK. US funds opposition.

1965-1966: Failed coup followed by US & UK supported slaughter. Links with West renewed.

1975: Invasion of E. Timor with approval of Aus., US & UK.

1978: UK military hardware.

1989: Actions in Irian Jaya.

1991: Santa Cruz massacre.

1992: E.Timor rebellion weakens.

1996: UK backs repression.

1997: IMF loan package.

1999: Martial law for E. Timor.

2000-2001: Loans, oil, violence.

2002: Trials over East Timor.

2003: IMF. UN. Iraq war.