1931: US companies dominate.

1944: New president starts reforms.

1951: Arbenz continues reforms.

1954: US intervenes. Arbenz overthrown. US backs repressive Armas. Britain aids US at UN.

1963: Peralta becomes president following assassination of Armas.

1966: Civilian rule restored.

1970: Military-backed president.

1970s: CIA supports killings.

1976: Earthquake kills thousands.

1977: US cuts off overt military aid, but support contiues via CIA.

1980s: US supported dictators.

1990: US cuts off military aid, but support via the CIA continues.

1994: Peace talks begin.

1995: Campaign of Jennifer Harbury forces US policy change.

1996: Peace agreement signed.

2001: No reparations by US.

2003: "Free-trade" with US.