1914: Egypt under British.

1948-1949: State of Israel declared. Arab defence of Palestine fails.

1952: Free Officers seize power.

1956: Egypt seizes control of the Suez Canal. British, French and Israelis try to take it back.

1957: UK & US try to kill Nasser.

1967: Israel attacks Egypt, Jordan and Syria, illegaly seizing territory.

1970: Egypt turns to the Soviets. Nasser's dies. Sadat succeeds him.

1973: Egypt tries to retake Sinai.

1976: Egypt starts to align with US.

1978-1979: Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty. Arab League expells Egypt.

1980's: Egypt prey to creditors.

1981: Sadat assassinated.

1982: Israel leaves most of Sinai. Relations with Arab states renewed.

1989: Israel leaves last of Sinai. Egypt reenters the Arab League.

1991: US rewards Egypt for siding against Iraq in Gulf War.