1963-1966: In February 1963, Juan Bosch took office as the first democratically elected president of the Dominican Republic since 1924. Here at last was John F. Kennedy's liberal anti-Communist, to counter the charge that the U.S. supported only military dictatorships. He was given the grand treatment in Washington shortly before he took office.

Bosch was true to his beliefs with a program of a liberal Third World leader serious about social change.

A number of American officials and congresspeople expressed their discomfort with Bosch's plans, as well as his stance of independence from the United States.

In September, the military boots marched. Bosch was out. The United States did nothing.

Nineteen months later, a revolt broke out which promised to put the exiled Bosch back into power. The United States sent 23,000 troops to help crush it. Over 4,000 Dominicans are killed.